Whanganui Midweek - 2021-10-13


What a re-leaf, it’s finally spring!

Home & Garden

At Beaver Tree Service we love spring! The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and the air feels fresher and sweeter as flowers star t to bloom. During winter, trees enter a dormant growth phase as colder temperatures and shorter days are unsuitable for long periods of growth. As trees are starting to come out of their dormant phase, now is a great time to check your garden and trees for any diseased or dead branches, which could hinder their upcoming growing season. Removing diseased or dead wood will help keep your trees healthy, while pruning will encourage new growth. Spring is also the best time of year for planting in your garden, so it’s impor tant to consider where the sunlight is and how the positioning of your new plants may affect the rest of your property. Carefully selecting the right tree or plant for your space, as well as being mindful of placement, will ensure a space you can enjoy far into the future. And if your garden is feeling a little full, dark, or you just want to change things up a little, consider what trees and shrubs you have and whether they are blocking your new plants from the sun.Tree thinning, or removal, can brighten up your garden, lighten up your home and create new space for you to use this summer. Beaver Tree Service would love to help as we specialise in tree care and maintenance and can advise the best course of action with any of the trees in your garden. Make the best of your outdoor space and give us a call today. Bryce Robb Director/Head Arborist of Beaver Tree Service


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