Napier Courier - 2021-10-13




ARIES— March 21- April 20 Opt for a more realistic, less romantic approach to a family dilemma. Children are your best teachers this week. Just listen to them - they may be more astute than you realize. TAURUS— April 21- May 22 Observation is all important and can pay dividends. Keep aware of current news happenings and goings on in the work environment. Your partner may be nearly ready to make a commitment. GEMINI—May 23-June 21 A new relationship may become more intense than expected. The key is for both parties to be honest about the degree of commitment. A little bit of money coming your way boosts your morale. CANCER— June 22- July 22 The week favours wrapping up old projects, then launching new ones. Friends may be overly demanding of your generosity or time. A firm but kind approach may be the only solution. LEO— July 23- August 22 A business matter may demand a professional, not casual approach. Guarantees and agreements should be in writing. If you want to change someone’s mind, being subtle is all important. VIRGO— August 23- September 22 A financial news brightener may arrive by the end of the week, making surprise expenses easier to take. Your creative ideas are novel and catch the attention of people in high places. LIBRA— September 23- October 22 Plans are subject to last minute changes, often with positive results. Afriendship should not be taken for granted. Diplomacy is essential when handling a personality problem. SCORPIO— October 23- November 21 You tend to be nostalgic, but this week focuses on the future. You may be learning about modern technology, updating your skills, or planning a very contempory look. SAGITTARIUS— November 22- December 22 A challenge at the work place heats up and brings out the best in your work. Be careful not to impose your standards on others, especially your closest friends. CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20 Legal matters dominate much of your time, but don’t hesitate to ask basic questions. If you have lost something you treasure, it may be found by the weekend. AQUARIUS— January 21- February 19 It’s a week to hold on to those purse strings. Socialising can be more costly than anticipated and bargains may be deceptive. Family health needs should be reviewed. PISCES— February 20- March 20 This will be a good week to issue reminders to friends, workmates and neighbours. Potentially rewarding prospects could open up, but peruse all angles before making a commitment. Romance is on the upswing. BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK Beneath a hard exterior lies a very tender person - and one with a vivid imagination. Resourcefulness is the operative word. You learn on the job and can make significant career strides. One caution - watch that you are not so easily flattered.


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