Napier Courier - 2021-10-13


Penguin hatching under way at port


Napier Port’s first two little penguin korora¯ chicks for this season have arrived. Thechickswere capturedon camera hatching at the port’s penguin sanctuary via one of their Keeping Up With The Korora¯ live cameras. There are 16 other eggs in nine nesting boxes across the sanctuary. The penguins are currently in guard phase, in which one of a penguin pair sits on the nest while the other goes out to gather food. Once hatched, the chicks spend eight weeks in the nest before they are fully grown and set off into the wild. At 6weeks old, each penguin will be safely microchipped by the port’s environmental team so they can track which penguins are returning to the sanctuary over time. The sanctuary was developed in 2018 as part of Napier Port’s 6 Wharf expansion to help protect the at-risk and declining species. The sanctuary has been developed with the help of korora¯ expert Professor John Cockrem of Massey University, who recently installed trackers on five penguins to help better understand the population. A recent survey found 178 nests around the port and under wharves.


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