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BOWLS KATIKATI OUTDOOR — Katikati Bowling Club hosted the Katikati Optional Triples tournament on Tuesday, July 13. The Summerset Retirement Village sponsored tournament attracted 24 teams on a cool winter’s day. Results: 1st Matua — Peter Keaney (S) Harry Burggraaf (D) Peter Darvill (L) 4 wins plus 26, 2nd Matua — Richard Guy (S) Mike Hammond (D) Grant Turner (L) 4 wins plus 11, 3rd Waihi Beach — Adrian McGaughey (S) Lyn Brooks (D) Kathryn McGaughey (L) 3 wins 1 draw plus 13, 4th Tauranga South — Stewart Chapman (S) Alison Brocklehurst (D) Dennis Duncan (L) 3 wins plus 22, 5th Tauranga Domain — June Smith (S) June Mabbett (D) Gerald Lockett (L) 3 wins plus 19. Afternoon prize Katikati — Bill Starkie (S) Alan McClennon (D) Bryn Gradwell (L). INDOOR — Wednesday, July7 was club night for Katikati Indoor Bowls. With 12 teams and six mats the decision was made to play 2-4-2 pairs, with eight bowls instead of four. Each player in the box-drawn teams alternated the opportunity to skip and have four consecutive bowls in the middle of each end, with the other playing two bowls at start and finish. Winners were Keith Hands and Roger Lowe with two wins and a draw and 15 ends, runner-up were Betty Sugden and Bruce Plummer with two wins and a draw and 11 ends from the three games. On the July 14 club night the championship triples were played to determine the club team to play other clubs in Tauranga in an association event. The runner-up team would also play in the plate event. A two-life system has so far reduced the seven entered, randomly selected teams down to three remaining — all with one life intact. This will be concluded this week and the winners found, along with usual club night. GOLF KATIKATI FAIRVIEW VETS LADIES NINE HOLE — Ten ladies braved bitter cold on the back nine holes at Fairview for a challenging game on Monday, July 12. The haggle was paid out on stableford and Hidden Hole. Stableford: 1st Susanah Starkie 16 points, 2nd equal Gayle Nairn, Isabell Johnson 15, 3rd Joyce Sherwan 14, 4th equal Sandie Knowlson, Glenis Hilt 13. Hidden Hole was won by Monique Amor and Susannah Starkie. FAIRVIEW LADIES 18 HOLE With very bracing conditions on Tuesday morning, the Fairview 18-hole ladies’ competition could potentially have been “who wore the most layers”. Nevertheless, the scheduled stableford competition went ahead as planned. The winner was Roasalie Wrathall, playing true to form with 36 points. Second equal were Rose O’Brien and Dorothy Moore with 34 points; and 3rd equal were Chris Johnston, Joan Irwin and Cathy Munro with 32 points each. Longest putt on the 18th was Betty Silson. No twos so two lucky winners were drawn — Chris Johnston and Annette Perkins. WAIHI WOMEN’S 18 HOLE — Some first-round matchplay championship matches were played on Saturday, July 10, with a stableford haggle for the rest of the field. It was cool, yet mostly sunny with occasional light rain. Haggle results: Karen Roche 38 points; Carol Leary 35; Sharon Deacon, Martine Milicich 32; Jackie Robson 31; Jill Morrison, Kathy Ashton, Susie Goodall 30. Hidden Holes: Michelle Libby 8 points. Twos: Karen Roche on 6. Matches — Bronze 1: Bev Ireland b Nan Hoggard on 15. Bronze 2: Jan Robinson b Desley Rosevear on 14; Robyn Kirby b Edna Connolly on 16. There were five byes in Bronze 2: Rae Brown, Jacquie Bain, Sally Grindlay, Rae Wright, Annette Hetherington. ■ The first Silver and Bronze Saturday Ladies’ Matchplay Pennant was finally played at Otumoetai on Sunday, July 11. The weather was freezing cold, overcast and very heavy underfoot. Playing for Waihi were Michelle Libby and Susie Goodall (Silver), Kathy Ashton and Kaylene Croker (Bronze) and they won with 88 points in the difficult conditions. Omokoroa were second with 77.5, and Tauranga a close third with 74.5. Waihi now have a healthy lead of 10.5 points in the second round at Omanu on July 25. ■ A heavy frost delayed start on Wednesday, July 14 and because there were major capital works being carried out on the course, players were only allowed to start on the first tee, meaning quite a long delay for those last off. It was a beautiful sunny day, soon marred by a very cold wind that snuck around bare necks and made multiple warm layers a necessity. Competitions of the day were LGU, BOP Stableford, Freda Bowden Cup and Karl Wilson Buttons. Two matches were played — Fourball Best Ball: Wendy Matutinovich and Suzanne Burns b Denise McConnon and Sarah Tomsett on 17. Bronze 1 Matchplay championship: Kristine Gascoigne b Karen Lee on 18. Nett haggle results: Jacquie Bain 70; Dot Ramsey, Sally Grindlay 71; Diane Lewis 72; Jill Morrison, Helen Baynes 74; Nan Hoggard 75; Rae Brown, Annette Hetherington, Adele Gunning, Mavis Bruce 76; Carol Leary, Liz Purcell 77; Diane Lockwood 78; Michelle Libby 79. Hidden Holes: Diane Lewis. Twos: Rae Brown on 15. Carol Leary on 13. Karl Wilson Buttons — Silver: Carol Leary. Bronze 1: Diane Lewis. Bronze 2: Jacquie Bain. Bronze 3: Jill Morrison. Katikati Dreamers Beauty Clinic Player of the week: Karen Roche. VETERANS — A southeasterly wind made overcast, bleak conditions even colder on Monday, July 12 for some first round matches in the Matchplay championships, and a stableford haggle for the rest of the field. Haggle results: Gary Dunlop 39 points; John Saunders 38; Peter Hewitt 37; Edna Connolly, Bev Ireland,33; Mavis Bruce, David Croker 32; Dot Ramsey, Ken Purcell, Bill Tiffin 31; Jock Stronach, Mick Goodall, Brian Baynes 30. Twos: Allen Smith on 6, Jock Stronach on 15. Match results — Men: Maurice Joyce b Bruce Rutter; Gyan Prole b Rodger Bagshaw; Allen Sarjant b Allen Smith, Kerry Lewis b Tim Parish, John Giffney b John Purkis. Women: Rae Brown b Rae Wright; Diane Lewis b Adele Gunning. NINE HOLE — Players who checked in on Tuesday, July 13 found it hard to believe it wasn’t raining, and instead of the usual raincoats, woolly hats were in fashion. It was a mixed stableford haggle competition. Ladies Division 1 — Glen Bennett 20 points; Mandy Piper 19; Laurel Alekna 18. Division 2 — Helen Brady 22; Margaret Hickey, Jenni Mora 18. Men — Rex Smith 18; Zac Walls, Garth Pritchard 13.


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