Hastings Leader - 2021-07-21




ARIES—March 21-April 20 The attention to detail is important in your personal and professional undertakings. Enjoy unexpected jaunts, but be sure to avoid execesses in the food department. TAURUS—April 21-May 22 You find yourself a bolder person, delighting friends and admirers. Your intuition is strengthened through the weekend. This is a good time to host a small, spontaneous gathering with guests of varied ages and backgrounds GEMINI—May 23-June 21 The Gemini becomes more intense this week, likely because of increased academic pressures. The weekend includes a trip to beautiful places or an opportunity for making important acquisitions. CANCER—June 22-July 22 This is an encouraging week if starting large sized projects or making a career shift. Real estate matters are favoured too, but tasks involving numbers require added attention. LEO—July 23-August 22 This is a great week for travel, but leave time for detours - they provide half the fun at least. Budgets need a prompt review. Aries people may deeply influence your thinking. VIRGO—August 23-September 22 Although words come quickly now, you tend to beat about the bush when relatives press for a favour. Your social life perks up on the weekend. Travel expenses are surprisingly high this week. LIBRA—September 23-October 22 Friends and colleagues may over-react to your sarcastic streak, so be watchful. A project that seems to go on for ever is coming to a satisfactory conclusion. Music is accented on the weekend. SCORPIO—October 23-November 21 Tensions in career relationships ease, but your romantic situation, especially with a Taurus or Leo, may be touchy. Read all instructions twice at least and watch the tendency to jump the gun. SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22 Variety makes for an exhausting but ultimately successful week and romantic worries prove unfounded. Asking unnecessary questions can have embarrassing results. A platonic friendship is accented. CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20 If ever you had to play diplomat, this is the time. The weekend finds you accepting invitations of all kinds. After Sunday, you are smoothing out lots of ruffled feathers. AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19 The accent is on physical fitness and commonsense diets. Love is on the upswing, but don’t take the situation for granted. This weekend favours friendship with a Sagittarius or Scorpio. PISCES—February 20-March 20 A possible conflict arises with advisers. Try to bend over backwards to see their point of view. A standoffish relative or neighbour starts to warm up. Romantic questions are answered by the weekend. BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK Ruled by the heart, you are sentimental, understanding and impulsive.An important alliance, personal or professional may be forged. Competitions featuring yourself or close relatives are highlighted later in the year.


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