CHB Mail - 2021-10-14




Thumbs up: to Leah for her awesome mahi at Food Basket. Thumbs up: to the Takapau health centre in conjunction with Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga and Te Taiwhenua o Tamatea inc for the roll out of the vaccination in August and October it was very well run. Thank you team. Thumbs up: to our new recycling truck in Elsthorpe last Monday was well used. Thumbs down: to shopkeepers who intimidate folk not wearing masks for health reasons ie asthma, cancer, emphysema and side effects from pneumonia. All can cause breathing problems and reason enough for not wearing a mask. Thumbs down: to the organizers of the cycling tracks. Can't you leave just a little bit of area for other hobbies or are you the only people with rights? Thumbs down: to people leaving kina shells at Kairakau river. By all means enjoy your kina. But take your shells with you please. Our kids love running around at the river bare feet and shouldn't have to dodge your shells. Thumbs down: to the waste of money spent on the cycle way between Waipukurau and long have the barriers and cheese graters been up for? And now they are getting taken down and moved.


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